Integrate with networks, communities & crowds

Most organizations need to balance operations, customer focus and practice development. For highly interdependent & highly distributed organizations finding the right balance can be difficult. We help you understand when to use collaborative networks, communities of practice, customer communities (communities 2.0) and self-organizing crowds to get the best return on your effort.

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Improve decision-making

Right and timely knowledge improves decision-making.  Rather than build self-service libraries and taxonomies, we help you design frameworks and tools that make knowledge genuinely useful to decision-makers.

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Develop greater expertise

Knowledge retention programs often fail because expertise is more than knowledge. It is the ability to make good judgment calls. Expertise can only be learned through experience and mindful practice. We help your experts learn how to share their thinking and teach their true expertise.

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Enhance creativity & innovation

Innovation stems from deep knowledge and expertise not wild and crazy ideas.  Cognitive science research and our research on creative experts demonstrate that individual creativity and organizational innovation involve similar mental processes. We help both individuals and organizations increase their capacity to innovate by teaching them how to recombine knowledge, points of view, and ways of thinking to generate innovation.

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McDermott Consulting

McDermott Consulting helps public and private sector organizations operate in the current highly interdependent, highly distributed organizations.

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